Terms & Conditions

The following are the conditions upon which zeguard.co.uk and its subsidiary or associated Companies (the seller) and is prepared to deal with the buyer referred to overleaf and the conditions shall govern the sale by the seller to the buyer of the goods referred to overleaf to the exclusion of any other terms excluding but without limitation conditions and warranties written or oral express or implied even if contained in any of the buyer’s documents which purport to provide that the buyer’s terms will prevail. No variation or qualification of the conditions or of any quotation or contract arising there from shall be valid unless agreed to in writing by the seller. In the event of any conflict between special conditions and these conditions, the special conditions shall prevail.


No contract is concluded until the seller sends an acknowledgment of order to the buyer. Any quotation in whatever form given by the seller is subject to these conditions and does not constitute an offer to sell and is valid for 30 days only from the date of the quotation.


No order which has been accepted by the seller may be cancelled by the buyer except with the agreement in writing of the seller and on terms that the buyer shall indemnify the seller in full against all loss (including but without limitation) loss of profit, costs, damages, charges and expenses incurred by the seller as a result of cancellation.


Prices quoted by the seller are not fixed and the seller shall be entitled to increase the price of the goods and the buyer shall pay the increased price if at the date of delivery of the goods the costs or expenses of the seller increase for whatever reason including but without limitation the cost of wages or fuel transport or any other cost properly attributable to the execution of the buyer’s order. No such increase shall give rise to any right of cancellation by the buyer.

Specification, Illustrations, Descriptions and Information

Any specifications, photographs, drawings, descriptions, illustrations, plans or any other materials provided by the seller are intended for guidance only. The seller will take reasonable care of any specifications, photographs, drawings, or any other material provided by the buyer but will not be liable for any loss or damage to such material (unless such loss or damage arises from the negligence of the seller).


Neither party shall assign any contract concluded under these conditions or any part thereof without the consent of the other, such consent shall not to be unreasonable withheld.


  • The seller shall notify the buyer where requested to do so when the goods are ready to be dispatched and packed at the buyer’s discretion, unless the buyer requests special packaging which shall be charged extra. The seller shall arrange for transportation of the goods at the buyer’s risk and the seller shall invoice the buyer and the cost and expense thereof which shall be payable within the time period stipulated in the invoice.
  • The seller will use reasonable commercial endeavours to manufacture the goods and to make the goods available for delivery by any time or date agreed with the buyer but any time stated or agreed with the buyer shall not be of the essence. The buyer will reimburse the seller for any expenses and costs (including the cost of storage of any equipment) to the seller arising from the buyer’s default in giving delivery instructions.
  • Any claims for non, short or damaged delivery must be made in writing within 7 days of date dispatched from the Seller