Sharp-tec 160mm Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers


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Product Colour:Black, Red

Product Material:Forged Steel and Nickel Finish

Product Size: 16*6.4*2.3(cm)

Product Advantages: 

Tough and Durable:Made of forged steel and nickel finish. Heat Treated with a high temperature to increase hardness and strength for increased life of the tool. A solid cutting edge makes wire cutters more durable, increasing the lifespan compared to others. Special finish of cutting-edge, strong cutting force.

Anti-Slip Handle:Side Wire Cutting Pliers with Anti-Slip Handle. A comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue can give you more strength to improve efficiency while your working, molded to fit perfectly in the hand, the rubber coating also acts to protect the pliers if they are ever dropped on a hard surface.

Product Usage: 6 inches long in total. Cut steel wires and nails up to 1.8 mm, electrically stranded wires up to 2.3 mm (0.4 inches); electric wires, cables, memory wires, headpins, eye pins, small chain, tiger tail, cords, and beading cutting.

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6.4 × 2.3 cm


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