Grabbfix Accelerator Wood Screw Tubs



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Product Advantages:

  • Grabbfix Screws in Various Sizes
  • Packaged and supplied in hard plastic tub with convenient carry handle and secure lid.
  • Accelerator screw design prevents this screw from splitting wood while making the screwing process with powered tools fast and smooth.
  • A great product for any joiner.

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5.0mm x 70mm – 375pcs, 5.0mm x 40mm – 700pcs, 4.0mm x 50mm – 800pcs, 5.0mm x 120mm – 180pcs, 4.0mm x 70mm – 500pcs, 4.0mm x 40mm – 1000pcs, 5.0mm x 60mm – 400pcs, 4.0mm x 80mm – 400pcs, 4.5mm x 40mm – 200pcs, 4.0mm x 30mm – 1300pcs, 4.5mm x 70mm – 200pcs