PVC and Nitrile Dipped Oil Resistant Gauntlets


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The Galaxy Spindle GAHD-1723 is a heavy duty chemically resistant glove made of PVC and nitrile with a yellow thermal liner

Testing of the Perseus GAHD-1723

EN 388 2016

  • 4 1 2 1 X

EN 374-3

  • A J K L

EN 374-2

  • PASS

Features and Benefits of the Perseus GAHD-1723

  • Double coated palm provides good abrasion resistance and extra soft making the gloves malleable to improve dexterity
  • Cold resistance helps to glove maintain it’s soft quality even in extremely cold environments
  • Thermal Liner keeps the hands warm in cold environments

Environments where the Spindle GAHD-1723 can be used

  • Dry Environments
  • Oily Environments
  • Wet Environments
  • Cold Environments

Functions of the Perseus GAHD-1723

  • Chemical Protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Strong Grip

Jobs that can benefit from the use of the Perseus GAHD-1723

  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive & Engineering

Materials that make up the GAHD-1723


  • Seamless thermal liner
  • Adds a level of comfort and protection from the cold


  • 10 Gauge PVC and Nitrile
  • Fully Coated PVC and textured nitrile palm
  • Improves grip in wet and oily conditions, makes working in cold environments more sustainable

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