Cut Level 3 Grey PU Palm Coated Oil Resistant Assembly Gloves


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The Galaxy Leo GA3-1634 provides excellent grip in Wet and Oily conditions, featuring a grey grey polyurethane (PU) coating keeping the hands cool while offering high levels cut, abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. Excellent flexibility and dexterity when working with small parts or precise work.

EN 388 2016
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Features and Benefits of the Leo GA3-1634
* PU coated gloves are tough and long-lasting
* Thin PU coating makes these gloves Ideal for precision work with small parts as they offer a high level of dexterity
* High resistance to abrasion expanding the life of the glove when working with rough surfaces
* PU palm coating allows hands to breathe and keep cool during extended periods of use
* Excellent flexibility and provides sure grip in oil conditions

Environments where the Leo GA3-1634 can be used
* Oily conditions
* Dry conditions
* Wet conditions

Functions of the Leo GA3-1634
* Abrasion Resistant
* Breathable
* Comfortable
* Dexterous
* Ergonomic
* Oil Resistant
* Puncture Resistant
* Strong Grip
* Water Resistant

Industries that can benefit from the use of the Leo GA3-1634
* Assembly
* Automotive & Engineering
* Construction
* Industrial
* Landscaping
* Maintenance
* Masonry
* Mechanical
* Transport
* Waste & Recycling
* Shipping and Receiving

Materials that make up the GA3-1634
* 13 gauge liner
> Liner minimizes particulates while providing the snug fit needed to maximize touch and dexterity

* Grey Polyurethane (PU)
> Thin material which keeps the hands cool while providing resistance against abrasion, tears, cuts and punctures

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