Cut Level 3 T-Touch Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves


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The Galaxy Garland GACH-1691 is a chemically resistant gauntlet with high abrasion resistance and an extended cuff to cover the majirty of the forearm

Testing of the Garland GACH-1691

EN 388 2016
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EN 374-3

Features and Benefits of the Garland GACH-1691
* Ultra lightweight T-Touch Chem coated gloves
* Checmical Resistance
* Superior grip in oily and wet conditions
* Excellent dexterity due to strategic placement of coating
* Extended cuff to forearm length, helps to carry oils and solvents away from the hand while protecting forearms and clothing against splashes

Environments where the Garland GACH-1691 can be used
Oily Environments

Functions of the Garland GACH-1691
* Abrasuib Resistant
* Strong Grip
* Oil Resistant
* Water Resistant
* Chemical Protection
* Dexterous

Jobs that can benefit from the use of the Garland GACH-1691
* Oil & Gas
* Transport
* Automotive & Engineering

Materials that make up the GACH-1691


* 10 Gauge White Nylon Liner

> Thin but comforable liner helps maintain dexterity


* T-Touch Chem Coating

> Sandy Nitrile Coating

> Fully Thumb Coated

> Provides a strong grip in oily conditions

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