Hacksaw Frame


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Main Colour:

  • Orange
  • Black

Product Size:

  • 43.5*14.0*2.3(cm)

Product package Size:

  • 43.5*14.0*2.3(cm)

Product Material:

  • ABS Handle
  • Steel Frame

Product Features:

  • 300mm/12″ Square lacquered steel tube bow frame
  • A fine-toothed saw, mainly made for cutting metal.
  • Hacksaws has a handle with pistol grip, with pins for attaching a narrow disposable blade.
  • A wing nut or other mechanism is used to put the thin blade under tension.
  • Including 1pcs saw blade

Product Usage:

  • Cutting Wood, Metal and Plastic

Product Advantages:

  • Quick and easy to replace blades with screw tightening system
  • Lightweight metal frame with curved plastic handle
  • The blade can be mounted with the teeth facing toward or away from the handle, resulting in cutting action on either the push or pull stroke


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