200mm Long Nose Pliers


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Main Colour:

  • Black
  • Yellow

Product Material:

  • CrV Gripping Teeth
  • Two-Component Handle

Product Size:

  • 21.5*5.5*2.6(cm)

Product Package:

  • 21*7.0*2.6(cm)

Product Advantages:

  • Bi-Colour, Two-component Yellow and Black soft grip handle for comfortable use
  • Heat Treated for increased life of the tool
  • Designed to fit into the tightest and most cramped spaces, which can’t be reached otherwise

Product Usage:

  • Can grip multiple wires and even pick up small screws with a strong secure grip
  • Ideal for professionals and those carrying out DIY
  • For use in general electrical and construction tasks, elaborate projects with small objects, jewelry-making tasks such as picking up and stringing beads, setting stones and attaching small clasps


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